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Saft Lithium Batteries

We're proud to offer the most advanced primary lithium thionyl chloride (Li-COSI2) batteries on the market today. Models include the following:

LS14250 1/2AA, LS14500 AA, LS26500 C & LS33600 D in the spiral style design.

LSH14 C, LSH14 (Light) C & LSH20 D in the bobbin style design

G32/3 2/3A

LO26SHX D, LO26SX D, LO26SXC D, LO29SHX C, LO34SX 1/3C, LO35SX 2/3C

BA-5112/U, BA-5372/U, BA-5367A/U, BA-5588A/U, BA-5590/U, BA-5598/U