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Asus Laptop and Notebook Computer Batteries

   A Series
A1 Series
A1000 Series
A1000B, A1000D Series
A1000F Series
A1200 Series
A1200-C700 Series
A1300 Series
A1300-P700 Series
A1B, A1D, A1F Series
A2 Series
A2000 Series
A2000C, A2000D Series
A2000G Series
A2000H, A2000K Series
A2000L, A2000S, A2000T Series
A2500 Series
A2508H, A2514H Series
A2534H, A2540H Series
A2C, A2D, A2G Series
A2H, A2K Series
A2L, A2S, A2T Series
A3 Series
A3000 Series
A3000Ac Series
A3000E Series
A3000F Series
A3000Fc, A3000Fp Series
A3000G Series
A3000H, A3000Hf Series
A3000L, A3000N Series
A3000V Series
A3000Vc, A3000Vp Series
A3500 Series
A3521 Series
A3Ac Series
A3E Series
A3F, A3Fc, A3Fp Series
A3G Series
A3H, A3Hf Series
A3L, A3N Series
A3V, A3Vc, A3Vp Series
A4 Series
A4000 Series
A4000D Series
A4000G, A4000Ga Series
A4000K, A4000Ka Series
A4000L, A4000S Series
A43 Series
A43B Series
A43BR, A43BY Series
A43E Series
A43F Series
A43J Series
A43JA Series
A43JB Series
A43JC Series
A43JE Series
A43JF Series
A43JG Series
A43JH Series
A43JN Series
A43JP Series
A43JQ Series
A43JR Series
A43SA, A43SD Series
A43SJ, A43SM Series
A43SV Series
A43TA, A43TK Series
A43U Series
A45 Series 
A45A Series 
A45D Series 
A45DE Series
A45DR Series 
A45N Series 
A45V Series
A45VD Series
A45VG Series 
A45VJ Series
A45VM Series 
A45VS Series
A4D Series
A4G, A4Ga Series
A4K, A4Ka Series
A4L, A4S Series
A5 Series
A5000 Series
A5000E Series
A5000Eb, A5000Ec Series
A5000L Series
A52BY Series
A52DE Series
A52Dr Series
A52F Series
A52JB Series
A52JC Series
A52JE Series
A52JK Series
A52Jr Series
A52JT Series
A52JU Series
A52JV Series
A52N Series
A53 Series
A53BR, A53BY Series
A53E Series
A53SC, A53SD Series
A53SJ, A53SK Series
A53SM, A53SV Series
A53TA, A53TK Series
A53U Series
A53Z Series
A55 Series
A55 Series 
A55A Series 
A55D Series 
A55DE Series
A55DR Series 
A55E Series
A55Eb, A55Ec Series
A55N Series 
A55V Series
A55VD Series 
A55VJ Series 
A55VM Series
A55VS Series
A5E Series
A5Eb, A5Ec Series
A5Ep Series
A5L Series
A6 Series
A6000 Series
A6000F Series
A6000G, A6000Ga Series
A6000J Series
A6000Ja, A6000Jc Series
A6000Je Series
A6000Jm Series
A6000K Series
A6000Km Series
A6000Kt Series
A6000L Series
A6000M Series
A6000N, A6000Ne Series
A6000R Series
A6000Rp Series
A6000T Series
A6000Tc Series
A6000U, A6000V Series
A6000Va, A6000Vc Series
A6000Vm Series
A6F Series
A6G, A6Ga Series
A6J Series
A6Ja, A6Jc Series
A6Je Series
A6Jm Series
A6K Series
A6Km Series
A6Kt Series
A6L Series
A6M Series
A6N, A6Ne Series
A6R Series
A6Rp Series
A6T Series
A6Tc Series
A6U, A6V Series
A6Va, A6Vc Series
A6Vm Series
A7 Series
A72 Series
A72Dr Series
A72DY Series
A72F Series
A72JK Series
A72JR Series
A72JT, A72JU Series
A75 Series 
A75A Series 
A75D Series 
A75DE Series
A75V Series 
A75VD Series 
A75VJ Series
A75VM Series
A7T Series
A7T-4A Series
A7V Series
A8 Series
A85 Series 
A85A Series 
A85D Series 
A85DE Series
A85DR Series 
A85N Series 
A85V Series
A85VD Series 
A85VJ Series 
A85VM Series
A85VS Series
A8Dc Series
A8E Series
A8F, A8Fm Series
A8H, A8He Series
A8J Series
A8Ja, A8Jc, A8Je Series
A8Jm, A8Jn, A8Jp Series
A8Jr, A8Js, A8Jv Series
A8Le Series
A8M Series
A8N Series
A8S Series
A8Sc, A8Se Series
A8Sg, A8Sr Series
A8T Series
A8Tc, A8Tm Series
A9 Series
A9000 Series
A9000Rp, A9000T Series
A95 Series
A9500 Series
A9500Rp, A9500T Series
A95Rp, A95T Series
A9Rp, A9T Series


   ASmobile Series
ASmobile AS62FM945GM1
ASmobile AS62FP945GM1
ASmobile AS62J945PM1
ASmobile AS62JM945PM1
ASmobile AS96F945GM1
ASmobile AS96H662MX1
ASmobile S37E
ASmobile S37S
ASmobile S62E
ASmobile S62F
ASmobile S62FM
ASmobile S62Fp
ASmobile S62J
ASmobile S62JM
ASmobile S96F
ASmobile S96H
ASmobile S96J
ASmobile S96S
ASmobile Z35A
ASmobile Z35F
ASmobile Z35FM
ASmobile Z37E
ASmobile Z37EP
ASmobile Z37F
ASmobile Z37FM
ASmobile Z37S
ASmobile Z37SP
ASmobile Z37V
ASmobile Z62E
ASmobile Z62EP
ASmobile Z62FM
ASmobile Z62FP
ASmobile Z62H
ASmobile Z62HA
ASmobile Z62J
ASmobile Z62JM
ASmobile Z84F
ASmobile Z84FM
ASmobile Z84J
ASmobile Z96F
ASmobile Z96FM
ASmobile Z96H
ASmobile Z96HM
ASmobile Z96J
ASmobile Z96JM
ASmobile Z96JP
ASmobile Z96JS
ASmobile Z96S
ASmobile Z96SP
ASmobile Z97V


   B Series
B1 Series
B1000 Series
B1000A Series
B1A Series
B50A Series
B80A Series


   C Series
C90 Series
C90a Series
C90p Series
C90s Series


   Eee PC Series
Eee PC 1000 Series
Eee PC 1000A Series
Eee PC 1000H Series
Eee PC 1000HA Series
Eee PC 1000HC Series
Eee PC 1000HD Series
Eee PC 1000HE Series
Eee PC 1000HG Series
Eee PC 1000HT Series
Eee PC 1000HV Series
Eee PC 1001HA Series
Eee PC 1001HGO Series
Eee PC 1001P Series
Eee PC 1002H Series
Eee PC 1002HA Series
Eee PC 1002HAE Series
Eee PC 1003HAG Series
Eee PC 1004DN Series
Eee PC 1005HA Series
Eee PC 1005HAB Series
Eee PC 1005HAG Series
Eee PC 1005HE Series
Eee PC 1005HR Series
Eee PC 1005P Series
Eee PC 1005PE Series
Eee PC 1008HA Series
Eee PC 1008HAG Series
Eee PC 1015 Series
Eee PC 1015B Series
Eee PC 1015BX Series
Eee PC 1015P Series
Eee PC 1015PD, 1015PE Series
Eee PC 1015PEB, 1015PED Series
Eee PC 1015PEM Series
Eee PC 1015PN Series
Eee PC 1015PW, 1015PX Series
Eee PC 1016 Series
Eee PC 1016P Series
Eee PC 10G Series
Eee PC 1101HA Series
Eee PC 1101HAB Series
Eee PC 1101HAG Series
Eee PC 1201HA Series
Eee PC 1201HAB Series
Eee PC 1201HAG Series
Eee PC 1201K Series
Eee PC 1201N Series
Eee PC 1201NL Series
Eee PC 1201PN Series
Eee PC 1201T Series
Eee PC 1201X Series
Eee PC 1215 Series
Eee PC 1215B Series
Eee PC 1215N Series
Eee PC 1215P Series
Eee PC 1215T Series
Eee PC 12G Series
Eee PC 2G Series
Eee PC 2G Surf Series
Eee PC 4G Series
Eee PC 4G Surf Series
Eee PC 700 Series
Eee PC 701 Series
Eee PC 701SD Series
Eee PC 701SDX Series
Eee PC 8G Series
Eee PC 900 Series
Eee PC 900A Series
Eee PC 900HA Series
Eee PC 900HD Series
Eee PC 900SD Series
Eee PC 901 Series
Eee PC 904HA Series
Eee PC 904HD Series
Eee PC 904HG Series
Eee PC MK90H (Disney) Series
Eee PC S101 Series
Eee PC S101H Series
Eee PC T91 Series
Eee PC T91MT Series
Eee PC VX6 Series


   F Series
F2 Series
F2F, F2H Series
F2J, 2Je Series
F3 Series
F3E, F3F Series
F3Ja, F3Jc Series
F3Jm, F3Jp Series
F3Jr, F3Jv Series
F3Ka, F3Ke Series
F3L, F3M, F3P Series
F3Q Series
F3Sa, F3Sc, F3Se Series
F3Sr, F3Sv Series
F3T, F3Tc Series
F45 Series 
F45A Series 
F45C Series 
F45U Series
F45V Series 
F45VD1 Series
F50 Series
F50Gx Series
F50N Series
F50Q Series
F50SF Series
F50SL Series
F50SV Series
F50Z Series
F52 Series
F52A Series
F52Q Series
F55 Series 
F55A Series 
F55CR Series
F55U Series 
F55V Series 
F55VD Series
F5C (SIS672) Series
F5C Series
F5Gi Series
F5M Series
F5N Series
F5R Series
F5RL Series
F5SL, F5SR Series
F5V, F5VL Series
F5VZ Series
F6 Series
F6A Series
F6E Series
F6H Series
F6K Series
F6S Series
F6V, F6Ve Series
F7, F7B Series
F7000 Series
F74, F74B Series
F7400, F7400B Series
F75 Series 
F75A Series 
F75A1 Series 
F75V Series
F75VB Series 
F75VC Series 
F75VD Series
F75VD1 Series 
F8 Series
F80 Series
F80Cr Series
F80L Series
F80Q Series
F80S Series
F81 Series
F81Se Series
F82A Series
F82Q Series
F83 Series
F83Cr Series
F83SE Series
F83T Series
F83V Series
F8DC Series
F8P Series
F8S Series
F8Sa, F8Se Series
F8Sg, F8Sn Series
F8Sp Series
F8Sr, F8Sv Series
F8Tr Series
F8V Series
F8Va, F8Vr Series
F9 Series
F9Dc Series
F9E Series
F9F Series
F9J Series
F9S, F9Sg Series
X20 Series
X20E Series
X20S, X20Sg Series


   F Series
F45VD Series 
F55C Series 
F55VDR Series


   G Series
G1 Series
G1S Series
G1Sn Series
G2 Series
G2K Series
G2P Series
G2S, G2Sg Series
G50 Series
G50V Series
G50V-A1 Series
G50V-A2 Series
G50VM Series
G50VM-X1 Series
G50VT Series
G51 Series
G51JX-A1 Series
G51VX Series
G51VX-A1 Series
G71 Series
G71G Series
G71Gx Series
G71V Series
G73 Series
G73J Series
G73Jh Series
G73Jw Series
G73Sw Series


   K Series
K40AB, K40AC Series
K40AD, K40AE, K40EF Series
K40C Series
K40E Series
K40ID, K40IE Series
K40IJ Series
K40IL Series
K40IN Series
K40IP Series
K42DE Series
K42DQ Series
K42DR Series
K42DY Series
K42F Series
K42JA Series
K42JB Series
K42JC Series
K42JE Series
K42JK Series
K42JP Series
K42Jr Series
K42JV Series
K42JY Series
K42JZ Series
K42N Series
K45 Series
K45A Series 
K45D Series 
K45DE Series
K45DR Series 
K45N Series 
K45V Series
K45VD Series 
K45VG Series 
K45VJ Series
K45VM Series 
K45VS Series
K50AB Series
K50AD, K50AE, K50AF Series
K50C Series
K50ID, K50IE Series
K50IJ Series
K50IL Series
K50IN Series
K50IP Series
K51AB, K51AC Series
K51AE Series
K51IO Series
K52DE Series
K52DR Series
K52DV Series
K52DY Series
K52F Series
K52JB Series
K52JC Series
K52JE Series
K52JK Series
K52Jr Series
K52JT Series
K52JU Series
K52JV Series
K52N Series
K53 Series
K53BR, K53BY Series
K53E Series
K53SC, K53SD Series
K53SJ, K53SK Series
K53SM, K53SV Series
K53TA, K53TK Series
K53U Series
K53Z Series
K55 Series 
K55A Series 
K55D Series 
K55DE Series
K55DR Series 
K55N Series 
K55V Series
K55VD Series 
K55VJ Series 
K55VM Series
K55VS Series
K60IJ Series
K60IL Series
K60IN Series
K61IC Series
K70AB Series
K70AB, K70AC Series
K70AD, K70AE, K70AF Series
K70IC, K70ID Series
K70IJ Series
K70IL Series
K70IO Series
K72DR Series
K72DY Series
K72F Series
K72JB Series
K72JK Series
K72JR Series
K72JT, K72JU Series
K72K Series
K73BR Series
K73BY Series
K73E Series
K73SD Series
K73SJ Series
K73SM Series
K73SV Series
K73TA Series
K73TK Series
K75A Series 
K75D Series 
K75DE Series
K75V Series 
K75VD Series 
K75VJ Series
K75VM Series
K77 Series


   K Series
K75 Series   


   L Series
L1 Series
L1000 Series
L1000A, L1000B Series
L1400 Series
L1A, L1B Series
L2 Series
L2000 Series
L2000B, L2000D Series
L2000E Series
L2400B, L2400D Series
L2400E Series
L2B, L2D, L2E Series
L3 Series
L3000 Series
L3000C, L3000D Series
L3000H Series
L3000S, L3000Tp Series
L31, L32, L34, L35 Series
L3100, L3200 Series
L3400, L3500, L3800 Series
L3C, L3D, L3F, L3H Series
L3S, L3Tp Series
L4 Series
L4000 Series
L4000E, L4000H Series
L4000L, L4000R Series
L41, L42, L44, L45 Series
L4500, L4500R Series
L4E, L4H, L4L, L4R Series
L5 Series
L50 Series
L5000 Series
L5000C, L5000D, L5000DF Series
L5000G, L5000GA Series
L5000GM, L5000GX Series
L50VN Series
L50Vn-A1 Series
L50Vn-B1 Series
L5500C, L5500D L5500DF Series
L5500G, L5500GA Series
L5500GM, L5500GX Series
L55C, L55D L55DF Series
L55G, L55GA, L55GM, L55GX Series
L5800C, L5800D L5800DF Series
L5800G, L5800GA Series
L5800GM, L5800GX Series
L58C, L58D L58DF Series
L58G, L58GA, L58GM, L58GX Series
L5900C, L5900D L5900DF Series
L5900G, L5900GA Series
L5900GM, L5900GX Series
L59C, L59D L59DF Series
L59G, L59GA, L59GM, L59GX Series
L5C, L5D, L5DF Series
L5G, L5GA, L5GM, L5GX Series
L7 Series
L7000, L7000B, L7000C Series
L7000D, L7000E Series
L7000G, L7000H Series
L7200 Series
L7300 Series
L7B, L7C, L7D Series
L7E, L7G, L7H Series
L8 Series
L8000 Series
L8000B, L8000C, L8000Ce Series
L8000F, L8000K, L8000L Series
L84 Series
L8400 Series
L8400B, L8400C, L8400Ce Series
L8400F, L8400K, L8400L Series
L84B, L84C, L84Ce Series
L84F, L84K, L84L Series


   M Series
M1 Series
M1000 Series
M1000A Series
M1A Series
M2 Series
M2000 Series
M2000A, M2000C, M2000E Series
M2000N, M2000Ne Series
M2400 Series
M2400A, M2400C, M2400E Series
M2400N, M2400Ne Series
M2422N, M2442N Series
M2A, M2C, M2E Series
M2N, M2Ne Series
M3 Series
M3000 Series
M3000N, M3000NP Series
M3N, M3NP Series
M5 Series
M50 Series
M5000 Series
M5000A, M5000Ae Series
M5000N, M5000NP Series
M500A, M500Ae Series
M500N, M500NP Series
M50Sa Series
M50Sr, M50Sv Series
M51 Series
M51A Series
M51Kr Series
M51Se Series
M51Sn, M51Sr Series
M5200 Series
M5200A, M5200Ae
M5200N, M5200NP
M5601N, M5606N Series
M5622N, M5642N Series
M5A, M5Ae, M5N, M5NP Series
M6 Series
M60 Series
M6000 Series
M6000A, M6000C, M6000Ce Series
M6000N, M6000Na, M6000Ne Series
M6000R, M6000RF Series
M6000V, M6000Va Series
M60VP-A1 Series
M67 Series
M6700 Series
M6700A, M6700C, M6700Ce Series
M6700N, M6700Na, M6700Ne Series
M6700R, M6700RF Series
M6700V, M6700Va Series
M6706H Series
M6722H, M6722R Series
M6742H, M6762H Series
M67A, M67C, M67Ce Series
M67N, M67Na, M67Ne Series
M67R, M67RF, M67V, M67Va Series
M68 Series
M6800 Series
M6800A, M6800C, M6800Ce Series
M6800N, M6800Na, M6800Ne Series
M6800R, M6800RF Series
M6800V, M6800Va Series
M6802N M6806N Series
M6822N, M6842N, M6862N Series
M68A, M68C, M68Ce Series
M68N, M68Na, M68Ne Series
M68R, M68RF, M68V, M68Va Series
M6A, M6C, M6Ce Series
M6N, M6Na, M6Ne Series
M6R, M6RF, M6V, M6Va Series
M7 Series
M70Sa Series
M70Sr Series
M70Sv Series
M70T Series
M70TL Series
M70V Series
M70Vm Series
M70Vn Series
M70Vr Series
M7A Series
M7V Series
M8 Series
M8000 Series
M8000B, M8000C Series
M8200 Series
M8200B, M8200C Series
M8300 Series
M8300B, M8300C Series
M8B, M8C Series
M9 Series
M9000 Series
M9000A, M9000V Series
M9A, M9F Series
M9J, M9V




   N Series
N10 Series
N10E Series
N10J Series
N10JB Series
N10JC Series
N10JH Series
N10JM Series
N20 Series
N20A Series
N20H Series
N45 Series
N45E Series
N45SF Series
N45SL Series
N45VM Series
N50 Series
N50V Series
N50Vc Series
N50Vg Series
N50Vn Series
N55 Series
N55E Series
N55SF Series
N55SL Series
N61 Series
N61J Series
N61Ja Series
N61jq Series
N61Jv Series
N61Vg Series
N61Vn Series
N61w Series
N70 Series
N70Sv Series
N71 Series
N71Ja Series
N71Jq Series
N71Jv Series
N71Vg Series
N71Vn Series
N73 Series
N73JF, N73JG Series
N73JN Series
N73JQ Series
N73SM Series
N73SV Series
N75 Series
N75E Series
N75S Series
N75SF Series
N75SJ Series
N75SL Series
N75SN Series
N75SV Series
N80 Series
N80Vb, N80Vc Series
N80Vm, N80Vn Series
N80Vr Series
N81 Series
N81A Series
N81VF Series
N81Vg Series
N81Vp Series
N82E Series
N82EI Series
N82J Series
N82JG Series
N82JQ Series
N82JV Series


   P Series
P30 Series
P30A Series
P30Ag Series
P30G Series
P45 Series 
P45A Series 
P45V Series 
P45VA Series
P45VD Series 
P45VJ Series 
P55 Series 
P55A Series 
P55V Series 
P55VA Series
P81 Series
P81IJ Series


   Pro Series
Pro45 Series
Pro45V Series 
Pro45VA Series 
Pro45VJ Series
Pro5GAG Series
Pro5GVG Series
Pro5GVS Series
Pro5GVT Series


   Q Series
Q500 Series  Q500A Series


   R Series
R1E Tablet
R1F Tablet
R2 UltraMobilePC (UMPC) Series
R2E UltraMobilePC (UMPC) Series
R2H UltraMobilePC (UMPC) Series
R2Hv UltraMobilePC (UMPC) Series
R400 Series 
R400A Series 
R400D Series 
R400DE Series
R400DR Series 
R400N Series 
R400V Series
R400VD Series 
R400VG Series 
R400VJ Series
R400VM Series 
R400VS Series
R403 Series 
R403A Series 
R403C Series 
R403U Series
R403V Series 
R403VD Series 
R403VD1 Series
R500 Series 
R500A Series 
R500D Series 
R500DE Series
R500DR Series 
R500N Series 
R500V Series
R500VD Series 
R500VJ Series 
R500VM Series
R500VS Series
R503 Series 
R503A Series 
R503C Series 
R503CR Series
R503U Series 
R503V Series